Friday, 19 August 2016

NIMBUS - file synconisation and online backup

Nimbus is a dual purpose backup and file syncronisation program.

It enables you, for example, to keep the files on your PC in sync with those on your laptop. When you change or create a file on the PC then the amended or new version will automatically be replicated on your laptop.

You can link any number of computers in this way and the data is also accessible on your phone or tablet.

If you don't need the syncronisation feature then Nimbus also automatically provides a cloud backup which can be accessed securely from any web browser.

As a further precaution, the files in the cloud backup are periodically backed up to A222's own servers here in the Croydon.

Cost is £75 per 100gb (enough for most people) of data per annum. Installation is £45 for the first computer, £25 for any subsequent ones.

New ASUS based PC.

ASUS based PC (handbuilt)

AMD A6­6420K (2x 4.2GHz) FM2

Radeon HD 8000 Graphics ­ £13.82 
Facilitates dual screen operation.

Asus A58M­E ­ SATA2, USB2, VGA & DVI 

Memory (RAM) 
8gb Kingston DDR3 1600mhz ­

Disk Drive
500gb SATA3 

USB ports
4 x rear, 2 x front.

Not included:
Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, cables of any type.

Operating system:

Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

Installed software:
Office 2003 with upward compatibility for files from later office versions.
Chrome and Firefox as recommended alternatives to IE.

The PC: £300
Delivery: free to CR0, POA for other postcodes.
Installation: £25 in CR0, POA for other postcodes.
Installation involves connecting mains power, mouse, keyboard, ethernet and printer followed by a login test. It does not include connection to wifi nor installation of any software or programs.

Available Extras

ESET Smart Security/Antivirus (recommended) , 1 year:£55, 2 years:£75, 3 years:£99. 
Further discounts if purchased for more than one computer.
ESET antitheft tracking: £10.
Available if ESET purchased.
Mouse and Keyboard: 
used: £5 each, new: from £10 each. Wireless mouse/kbd: £30. Trackball mouse: £30.
Trackball mouse enables faster operation and reduces RSI risk.
Monitors from £25 (used), £50 (new) - please enquire.
Nimbus dual online backup: £75 p.a
Price is per 100gb but that is more than sufficient for most users.
Office 2010: £75
Normal retail in the region of £120-£150.
Syncovery file backup to external disk or across network: from £40.
Upgrade to Win 7 Pro: £50
Only needed if you need remote desktop access to the computer.

Call 020 8 6662 1124 day or evening or via .