Friday, 19 August 2016

New ASUS based PC.

ASUS based PC (handbuilt)

AMD A6­6420K (2x 4.2GHz) FM2

Radeon HD 8000 Graphics ­ £13.82 
Facilitates dual screen operation.

Asus A58M­E ­ SATA2, USB2, VGA & DVI 

Memory (RAM) 
8gb Kingston DDR3 1600mhz ­

Disk Drive
500gb SATA3 

USB ports
4 x rear, 2 x front.

Not included:
Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, cables of any type.

Operating system:

Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

Installed software:
Office 2003 with upward compatibility for files from later office versions.
Chrome and Firefox as recommended alternatives to IE.

The PC: £300
Delivery: free to CR0, POA for other postcodes.
Installation: £25 in CR0, POA for other postcodes.
Installation involves connecting mains power, mouse, keyboard, ethernet and printer followed by a login test. It does not include connection to wifi nor installation of any software or programs.

Available Extras

ESET Smart Security/Antivirus (recommended) , 1 year:£55, 2 years:£75, 3 years:£99. 
Further discounts if purchased for more than one computer.
ESET antitheft tracking: £10.
Available if ESET purchased.
Mouse and Keyboard: 
used: £5 each, new: from £10 each. Wireless mouse/kbd: £30. Trackball mouse: £30.
Trackball mouse enables faster operation and reduces RSI risk.
Monitors from £25 (used), £50 (new) - please enquire.
Nimbus dual online backup: £75 p.a
Price is per 100gb but that is more than sufficient for most users.
Office 2010: £75
Normal retail in the region of £120-£150.
Syncovery file backup to external disk or across network: from £40.
Upgrade to Win 7 Pro: £50
Only needed if you need remote desktop access to the computer.

Call 020 8 6662 1124 day or evening or via .

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  1. Woah, sounds like you did a sort of frankenstein here! And it seems like a deal to me, just wondering if you answear some questions for me? To be blunt, I had a lot of experience with ASUS desktops and laptops and I always disliked the way they are (not) providing harware driver updates via official website of them. Sure, I always managed to install needed soft with ASUS max drivers download and it worked out fine to me everytime.. But I get sick already of installing the updates manually, so I want that it would able to do via Windows update service. So tell me, is there issue like this with your desktop??